About Art Maker Studio

Art Maker Studio is an art studio in the San Francisco Bay Area providing classes and camps for kids online as well as at professional art organizations, schools, and community centers in the North Bay.

We believe creativity is a process of self discovery.  The more creativity kids engage in while growing up not only helps them learn to analyze and problem solve, but also helps them begin to learn about and understand themselves. Through exposure to different projects and materials as well as making the big and small choices involved in the creation of art, the art process can begin to enhance the life long journey of self-discovery.
Everyone creates, and everyone has their own reason for creating what they do.  Explore Your Creativity. Become More of Who You Are.

Art Maker Studio was created by Renee, a visual artist and mom who has been an after school art teacher at various Marin County schools.  She has also been a long time elementary school art docent in Marin County, producing a number of award-winning collaborative class projects for the Marin County Fair.  Renee has a BA in Media Communications from San Francisco State, a Certificate in Drawing from Berkeley Extension, and a Post-Bac Certificate in Visual Arts from Berkeley Extension.  Prior to starting Art Maker Studio, Renee worked in broadcast, print, and online media with K101, KDFC, KFOG, KTCT/KNBR, Cnet Networks, and San Francisco Magazine.